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Knots Landing Cast - Then and Now (Full Main Cast)

Knots Landing Cast - Then and Now (Full Main Cast)

Look how the stars from 80's prime time soap opera Knots Landing have changed over the years. Knots Landing ran from 1979 until 1993. Starring Teri Austin ...

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Knots Landing Opening Season 7


Donna Mills on How \

Donna Mills will be receiving a Career Achievement Award from the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters this Friday at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Los Angeles.

Knots Landing 2017 Intro


Knots Landing: Val, Gary and Lucy Reunite on the Beach

In this classic scene, Valene, Gary and Lucy come to an understanding and start to repair their relationship...and go running in the ocean to celebrate a new ...

Lilimae Catches Abby and Gary Having an Affair on Knots Landing..


Knots Landing Rise and fall Vor dem Abgrund german audio


Knots Landing Lillie Mae and Joshua Rush

Lillie Mae reveals that she is Joshua's Momma!

Knots Landing Theme (Stereo)

A version by the Frank Barber Orchestra, from 'The Best of BBC Themes'. Taken from a cassette with a bit of wear.



Knots Landing Joshua Threatens Val 1985


Knots Landing OST 3 - Suite for Laura, by Jerrold Immel & Craig Huxley

Suite dedicated to the \

Knots Landing 7x01 Valene tries to get back her babies

Knots Landing episode 7x01 \

Knot's Landing Intro

Visit http://www.ilovetvintros.com for more TV intros! Or visit http://childhoodmemorykeeper.blogspot.com for anything and everything retro!

Oprah Winfrey Prime Time Reunions - \

CTV (Canada) - With Joan Van Ark, Ted Shackelford, Michelle Lee and Kevin Dobson. Promoting the mini serie \


A trip down memory lane following Val Ewing's incredible journey from the moment Val found out she was pregnant.

Knots Landing 7x01 Abby vs. Greg

Knots Landing episode 7x01 \

Knots Landing Season 3 Abby and Val

Great scene in the build up to Gary and Abby's affair, from season 3, episode entitled 'Letting Go.'

Knots Landing - Karen loses both Eric & Michael.

Michael & Linda fall in love, though Linda is married to Eric. It's all too much for Karen, however the end result is both Eric & Michael moving out...

Knots Landing Gary and Val

From season 4's episode 'Encounters.' Vals distrust and pride gets in the way of Gary's intended reconciliation!

Fantasy Knots Landing Final Episode Closing

Closing Credits to the last ever episode of the webserial Fantasy Knots Landing.

Knots Landing Opening Themes Anthology

Note: This is only a first draft of this I just created, the first time I ever added all opening themes into one from this amazing show I adored as a kid.

Laura pisses Abby off in Knots Landing


Knots Landing at Dallas - New Opening Theme

Knots Landing at Dallas - New Opening Theme Credits Dallas Opening Theme The Early Years Theme Knots Landing Ewing Oil JR Ewing trailer credits J.R. ...

Knots Landing Ein schwerer Schock Critical conditions pt 1


Knots Landing Val discovers Gary has Remarried

Just as Val and Gary start to become close again, Val discovers that Gary has married Abbey!

Knots Landing Season 9 Intro

Opening for Knots Landing: season 9.

Knots Landing 2009 Opening Titles

Let's travel back to Seaview Circle. With all the revival shows becoming big hits with today's viewers, why can't \

Knots Landing OST 2 - Suite #1 by Joel Rosenbaum

Suite of the \

Knots Landing Season 10 Intro

Opening for Knots Landing: season 10.

Knots Landing Segment about final episode in 1992

Interviews with the cast in preparation for the final episode of Knots Landing. Donna Mills returns!!!


Part 4 of the incredible journey with Val Ewing.

Knots Landing Val Abby Gary

From season 4s new beginnings, always felt so sorry for Val in this scene!

Knots Landing - Redone Season 1

Knots Landing theme - Redone First Season Opening theme Knots Landing Dallas Knots Landing theme Dallas theme Knots Landing - The Block Party Knots ...

Sally - Knots Landing Cast 2/4- Unter der Sonne Kaliforniens

Sally Jessie Raphael Show ~1990 with David Jacobs !!!, Ted Shackelford, Joan van Ark, Michele Lee, Kevin Dobson, LARRY RILEY !!!

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