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Knots Landing 2017 Intro

Knots Landing 2017 Intro


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Knots Landing - Full Pilot Credits

Knots Landing - Full Pilot Credits. Contains the Promo for the show before the credits begin.

Knots Landing: Memorable moments from Blondie Abby.

Just don't call her Cookie...

KNOTS LANDING: Season 14 (1992-93) Clip (The Final Scene/Abby Cunningham Returns)

These are the final minutes of the series finale episode \

Knots Landing Cast - Then and Now (Full Main Cast)

Look how the stars from 80's prime time soap opera Knots Landing have changed over the years. Knots Landing ran from 1979 until 1993. Starring Teri Austin ...

Knots Landing Opening Season 7


Knots Landing: Val, Gary and Lucy Reunite on the Beach

In this classic scene, Valene, Gary and Lucy come to an understanding and start to repair their relationship...and go running in the ocean to celebrate a new ...

Knots Landing - Every Intro , Season 1 -14


Lilimae Catches Abby and Gary Having an Affair on Knots Landing..


Knots Landing Season 14 Intro


knots landing Ciji vs Ginger

Who sung it best? Ciji or Ginger, singing 'It's You, You're the One'?

Donna Mills on How \

Donna Mills will be receiving a Career Achievement Award from the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters this Friday at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Los Angeles.

JR and Valene in Knots Landing

Funny scene from season 4 as JR pays Valene a surprise visit.

Knots Landing Season 5 Intro

Opening for Knots Landing: season 5.

KNOTS LANDING: Season 4 (1982-83) Clip (Gary FINALLY Stands Up To J.R.)

This is a clip from \

Oprah Winfrey Prime Time Reunions - \

CTV (Canada) - With Joan Van Ark, Ted Shackelford, Michelle Lee and Kevin Dobson. Promoting the mini serie \

Knots Landing Season 11 Finale


Laura leaves Knots Landing to die...


Knots Landing Joshua Threatens Val 1985


Laura pisses Abby off in Knots Landing


Ted Shackelford Interview about his role as Gary Ewing on Knots Landing

Janet Langhart is the interviewer. He played Gary Ewing in the CBS television series Knots Landing (1979–1993); since 2006, he has appeared in a recurring ...

Knot's Landing Intro

Visit http://www.ilovetvintros.com for more TV intros! Or visit http://childhoodmemorykeeper.blogspot.com for anything and everything retro!

Knots Landing - Joshua Pushes Laura (1985)


Knots Landing Karen and Gary

Karen confides in Gary that she is dieing. Moving moment!

Val slaps Abby! (Knots Landing season 3 scene)

Val ask Abby if shes having an affair with Gary.The Rivalry between Val and Abby begins.

Knots Landing - 1980 - with Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise plays Lee Maddux in Knots Landing 1980, season 1, episode 10, Small Surprises.

Knots Landing - Redone Season 1 - First Version

Knots Landing theme - First opening theme - redone Knots Landing Dallas Knots Landing theme Dallas theme Karen Fairgate Karen Mackenzie Sid Fairgate ...

Knots Landing Gary and Val

From season 4's episode 'Encounters.' Vals distrust and pride gets in the way of Gary's intended reconciliation!

Knots Landing Season 11

Opening for Knots Landing: season 11 Intro.

Knots Landing Season 5 Cliffhanger

Look back on season five ending from the first episode of season 6. http://twitter.com/PaulAdrian http://paul0307.blogspot.com/


Part 4 of the incredible journey with Val Ewing.

Knots Landing Gary Drunk

Gary turns up at Ciji's recording drunk-having turned to the bottle after hooking up with Abbey!

California (Knots Landing) sigla iniziale e finale italiana

Andata sulle locali dal 1981 col titolo Da Dallas a Knots Landinge poi su Rete 4 dall'85 e per maggiori informazioni consultare l'enciclopedia delle soap opera e ...

Jill attacks Val ---Knots Landing season 9 scene--- PART 8


Knots Landing Season 4 Intro

Opening for Knots Landing: season 4.

Dallas Knots Landing Intro


April 1988 - 'Knots Landing' Promo

Aired in Indianapolis on April 24, 1988 after the Hallmark movie.

Knots Landing - Olivia Cunningham - Music

Knots Landing - Olivia Cunningham - Music - Taken from an episode of Knots Landing in 1990's - Can anyone identify the music in this clip?

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